"Bring the World to Your Community..."

Host an International Student

About Global Friendships

At Global Friendships, we provide an exciting international experience for both host families and foreign students and teachers. Our programs are designed to immerse a foreign student into an American family, providing the incomparable opportunity to experience America through daily activities in the home and in the community.

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Program Features

All programs feature 2 trips to city of destination. Roundtrip transfers between the nearest major airport and the homestay community. Full board accommodations for each student placed in a home of a carefully selected American host family; one student per family unless otherwise requested by the student(s).

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Hosting a Student

America is a “melting pot,” and therefore, ours come from all walks of life. Whether you are married with or without children, a single parent family, a young couple or an old couple, the only ingredient one needs to be a host family is the willingness to open your heart and home to a young person from another part of the world.

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Some Global Friendships Fun

Sharing impressions, ideas, and affection

It’s quite natural for your guest to have strong feelings about his country. He may occasionally criticize it freely but will become defensive if anyone else does...

Bring the World to Your Community…

Host an International Student The whole concept behind Global Friendships is dedicated to fostering a better understanding among people of the world —one friendship at a...

Hints for a Successful Homestay

1. Don’t let too much time go by before you talk to your student about what you expect him to do while visiting your home. (Make bed, take dirty clothes to laundry, put breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, etc…) Tell your student what the house rules are. (Curfew, phone, refrigerator, etc…) 2. Don’t be afraid to say NO! Use the same rules you would use for your own children. Do NOT have two sets of rules—one for your children and one for your student! If you do not have...

How Students are Selected

GLOBAL FRIENDSHIPS works closely with overseas affiliates who work directly with high school, associate or client organizations to form groups of highly motivated and responsible students to participate. All the students must be studying English and display the necessary maturity to travel abroad. With high school groups, it is the teacher who has been responsible for screening and selecting the students and who will chaperone the group. With the overseas organizations generally arranging summer visits, it is each particular organization’s representative who interviews the students, generally in the presence...

Culture Shock

Culture shock is normal and natural. It happens to Americans abroad as well as to visitors to the United States. To know and understand this phenomenon can prove helpful. Culture shock develops as a result of stress caused by trying to cope with a number of things, such as: tiredness, a language barrier, cultural differences, homesickness, adjustments to the time difference, new foods, an unfamiliar environment, etc. Understanding, acceptance and patience are the most effective methods of alleviating culture shock. For homestay students, the language barrier is the biggest...

Make the World a Smaller Place

On behalf of Global Friendships, I would like to welcome you to the exciting world of hosting foreign students and a brand new learning experience. As a host family, you are invited to become involved in a unique international...

Your Students should be treated like family

Students need to be accepted as family members and encouraged to take part in all aspect of American family life, including...