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k15School visits are usually ten days to two weeks long occurring throughout the school year. A group of students (usually 15 to 20) travels with its teacher to a host school in America. They spend from one to three days in the high school or middle school. Many American schools take full advantage of these visits planning special events or incorporating the students into unique educational activities. The students also go on two or three excursions as well as attend a welcoming and/or farewell party with their host families.

This is a truly UNIQUE opportunity for American and international students to share cultures and to learn about each other’s education.

About Our Outbound Program.

GLOBAL FRIENDSHIPS offers individual summer programs to France, Spain and Italy designed to give students an in-depth cultural experience by living with a family for short time (2 to 4 weeks)l. The students will have an integrated program of consisting of sight-seeing, cultural and recreational activities while living with a family. Each student will be housed by a host family and will participate in the family’s daily routine.

This is an exciting way for American students and their host families to make new friends abroad, learn about a different culture, share a new language and create memories that will last a lifetime. That’s what Global Friendships are.

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