Message from the President

Jeffrey TarlowWhat I believe Or the President's Message

After 12 years of working with a variety of large student exchange organizations that brought thousands of students to the USA every year on homestay programs, Global Friendships was formed in 1995  from a desire to create a small personal organization where communication was the most important priority. More communication means more personal contact with the American coordinators, the American families and you. This translates to a better total experience for everyone.

Each program is unique and deserves to be treated individually; it is my pledge that your program will be. After 18 years  of organizing  programs, I am happy to report that Global Friendships has been able to maintain its principles; it is still a small organization that works closely with everyone involved in its programs.

I have been an educator for 38 years which has allowed me to see the benefits of student exchange programs first hand. My experiences with exchange students date back to 1984 when I started as a teacher on an academic program. Since then, I have personally coordinated more than 30 summer programs, In the  last 18 years, Global Friendships has successfully overseen the placement of over 17,000 students from overseas. We are still very selective about the overseas' partners that we worked with in order to insure quality students, quality programs and quality experiences for both students and host families.

Finally, I believe that exchange programs allow young people to see the humanity in all people from all parts of the world; we share many of the same fears and dreams, disappointments and pleasures. From this knowledge boundaries are broken and bonds are built. Join us in creating Global Friendships.

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