Hosting a Student – Global Friendships – Bring the World to Your Community

Hosting a Student

Host an international student in this ever shrinking world, let's not be left out. Help by making one friendship at at time.

Benefits of Hosting:

  • Learn about different cultures first hand
  • Enjoy the fun trips and activities
  • Brush up on or learn another language
  • Share your own culture
  • Make the world a smaller place, one friendship at a time

The Host Family
Host Families are the key component to all of our programs; America is a "melting pot," and therefore, ours come from all walks of life.

Whether you are married with or without children, a single parent family, a young couple or an old couple, the only ingredient one needs to be a host family is the willingness to open your heart and home to a young person from another part of the world. Our family families all participate out of an eagerness to share their lives; they are volunteer families who choose to have a unique experience who have the opportunity to make friendship for life.

About the Students

  • Students are fully insured
  • Students have their own spending money
  • Students have knowledge of the English language
  • Students can share a room

About The Host Families

  • Please allow the student to become part of your family
  • Please provide a bed, 3 meals a day and possibly some transportation
  • Have a great time

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